Fred Reyes
Houston, Texas USA

Mr. Reyes has served in the highest positions in the Petrochemical, Energy and Manufacturing fields. For over 30 years, Mr. Reyes has overseen the management, design and engineering, construction and commissioning of physical plants, processes and development of innovative technologies. Mr. Reyes’ expertise is in the areas of Liquefaction, LNG/CNG/LPG, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Water & Soil Remediation, and Health, Safety and Environmental technologies.  Mr. Reyes currently serves as President of Gulf Coast Consulting and Managing Partner at Reyes Global Energy and its various subsidiaries directing Technology Sourcing and Development, as well as Partner Relations at Blue Sky Alliance.

Jim Lewis
Bellville, Texas USA

Mr. Lewis has over 50 years of experience in the industry, primarily in natural gas and oil, including LNG, LPG and petroleum facilities as well as thermal and nuclear projects.  With over 30 years of LNG consulting experience, his primary focus is on project development and operations, process engineering and instrumentation, cryogenic technology, economics, safety, accident investigation, litigation support, regulatory compliance, testing, quality assurance and personnel training.  His primary activities are LNG related, including liquefaction, storage, LNG shipping, barging, export/import terminals, peakshaving, natural gas transmission and distribution, remote baseload satellites and LNG for vehicle fuel.

Mr. George Salof
New Braunfels, TX USA

Salof is a world leader in cryogenic plant design and fabrication with a proven track record of supplying fully integrated modularized plants that exceed customer requirements and meet all required local, federal, and international codes.  Salof has delivered several LNG plants and installed over 100 CO2 Liquefaction Facilities worldwide since 1977.

Christopher Smith
Ashville, North Carolina USA

Mr. Smith leads Genova Diagnostics’ sales and marketing teams around the world. Genova Diagnostics is a leader in specialty clinical laboratory testing. Genova Diagnostics is pioneering innovative new approaches to personalized medicine and aiding the healthcare provider in diagnosing and managing chronic disease. Genova specializes in synthesizing multiple bio-markers into a concise clinical picture for the healthcare provider. Genova Diagnostics’ innovative tests cover a wide range of physiological areas, including digestive, immune, nutritional, endocrine, and metabolic function.

Randolph Smoak, M.D.
Charleston, South Carolina USA

Dr. Smoak has served at the highest positions in the medical field having been the 155th President of the American Medical Association (AMA), and Past Chairman of the World Medical Association, (WMA). He has also served as a Commissioner of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and as a member of the Board of Directors, National (Healthcare) Quality Forum.