“The Real Thing. Think Different. The Ultimate Driving Machine. Don’t Leave Home Without It.”

Before there is a marketing plan, before the name, before the logo or brochures and before there is an internet presence – there is a brand.

Besides the business, the brand is the most important and valuable asset any company possesses. Before any message is put out to the media, before the consumer ever hears about the product, the brand must be out of gestation and ready to implement. We’ve found that so many organizations regret the branding decisions they’ve made, and we work diligently to make sure the companies we work with don’t compromise mind-share, market share or future revenues by making some of the same mistakes. From the beginning we take hold of the brand ship and steer it in the direction that will build long-term value and will always be true, today and tomorrow.

We do this through our proprietary branding process we call “Cultural DNA.” It’s based on the idea that every client has Cultural DNA, or values. It’s our collective job to identify and understand those core values and build on them in everything we say and do, both internally and externally.