“Do good, do well.”

At Reyes Global we measure success by how well a company delivers for its Stakeholders, not only its Shareholders.

It is our mission to invest in companies that deliver extraordinary benefit to the world. We seek out and are partial to entrepreneurs, companies, startups and technologies that deliver across cultural, social, economic, and geographical lines that improve quality of life and return on investment. We call that “Philanthropreneurship.”

We subscribe to the philosophy that “Doing good, is good business.”“If we’re investing money, energy and time away from our families pursuing success… we must first ask ourselves… is it worthy of the investment and the sacrifice to our loved ones?”

We believe that where health, environment, human condition, education and the human-spirit are concerned… the answer is, “absolutely yes.”

We believe in “paying it forward,” which is why we strive to give back a portion of our success from every endeavor we undertake. We identify related challenges, needs and organizations making a difference in those areas and support them as much as possible. Below are some of our “Heroes,” – organizations we celebrate and support.

Scott Harrison, Founder

SELF – Solar Electric Light Fund
Robert A. Freling, Executive Director

Invisible Children
Jason Russell, Co-Founder

Sager Family Traveling Foundation + Roadshow
The Segar Family